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Hall Dimensions

Width 8.4 metres
Length (to the stage) 18 metres
Height 4.5 metres

There are 200 chairs, 20 large tables that seat 8 people & 10 small ones that seat 6 people.

Stage Dimensions

Width 8.4 metres
Length 6.3 metres
Height 2.9 metres
Height (from the floor) 1.05 metres


There are 12 overhead lights on the stage.

There are 4 profiles (spotlights) at the front of the stage, 4 fresnel gels at the back. These are controlled from a desk control until with 2 sets of dimmer controls, There is lots of cable connected to this that you could control the lighting from down in the hall.

There are 2 more spotlights at the front of the stage controlled from a different cupboard.   There are 4 spotlights in the main hall.

There a 6 blackout curtaIns on the stage 3 on each side and 1 big one along the back.

If you would like to dowload plans for the building, click here and then here (it's so big, it needs two documents).


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